Thursday, 30 November 2017

How to make a skrafeti

      How to make a skrefeti.

In just 4 simple steps.

Step 1: you will need to get your materials.
Materials: The size paper you want to use Pastels It is really easy.

Step 2: Get all the colors you want then start to color the paper in.

Step 3:When you have finished doing that you will need to get a black pastel and start to color over all of the colors.

Step 4:And finally when you have finished that you can find something to start crashing your Skrefeti and make it look cool.

Thursday, 16 November 2017

surf ed safety

                                              SURF ED water safety

Image result for swim between the flags1. swim between the flags. when there are flags swim between them that means that is a safe place to swim.

Image result for Have a adult watch over you. at the beach2. Have a adult watch over you. Have a adult watch over you when ever you are swimming so that you can stay safe.
Image result for Listen to the advice from the surf lifeguards.3.Listen to the advice from the surf lifeguards. If the surf lifeguard asks you to surf 
Image result for Listen to the advice from the surf lifeguards.4.Never swim or surf alone because you might get swiped into the current
5.if in doubt stay out if you are at a beach and there are no lifeguards and you think the water is not safe to go in stay out. 

Tuesday, 14 November 2017

safe cycling

               This is a photo of My pbl safety wise.
             I decided  to turn my safety wise Pbl into a  word search                                                         and a safety wise poster. When I was finished drawing my draft I                                                             went onto a good copy then I done the same on that on except I                                                               colored it in and out lined it And I was finally finished.

Tuesday, 7 November 2017



This is my volcano model for my PBL .This photo is about my PBL/volcano
How to make the model:first I cut some cardboard then shapes that into a circle as well as shaping chicken wire so that it looks like a real volcano when it is finished. Then made some glue so that I could paper mache all on the chicken wire. Then I went to get some paint and paint brushes to start to paint.

              Contents page
How volcanoes are formed?
What are volcanic rocks?
What impact do volcanoes have on the world we live in?

Have you ever thought how a volcano erupts? Do you think you can stand the heat? This is a report about how volcanoes are formed, what they are and what impact volcanoes have in the world we live in.

How volcanoes are formed.
The earth has four layers. The thin outer layer is called the crust. Below the crust is the mantle. The outer core is made of hot liquid metal and lies beneath the mantle. The solid inner core is at Earth’s center. Earth’s crust is made of massive moving pieces called tectonic plates.  When the tectonic plates move  a crack in the crust opens so that melted rock from mantle can squeeze it’s way to the surface. The Volcano forms when some of the very hot, liquid rock squeezes through  gaps between the plates of the earth.The magma forces its way up. As it rises, it melts rock that gets in it’s way, making a tunnel all the way through the crust.
Near the top/runga, it gets stuck. More and more hot rock rises. Over a lot of years,the amount of hot rock pushing on the crust gradually builds up. Suddenly there is so much that it bursts through the crust-the volcano erupts. It is a bit like the way that a bottle of fizzy/inu mirumiru suddenly fires out when you open the lid after shaking it.
But did you know a volcano can be flat?The ring of fire is an area in the pacific  ocean that has about 450 volcanoes. This area stretches for about 24,800 miles (40,000 km). Volcanoes aren’t the only feature it’s known for. When a volcano erupts it can cause serious landslides and the volcano will also get bigger. Sometimes when a volcano erupts little volcanos start to grow on the big volcano. When lava is underground it is called magma. Not all volcanoes are cone shaped. Within the Taupo Volcanic Zone there are three volcanoes still active: Ruapehu Tongariro, and Ngarahoe.It is the largest active volcano in   New Zealand and is located at the southern end of the Taupo Volcanic Zone.

Obsidian is an Image result for how is obsidian formedigneous rock that’s formed when a molten rock cools very rapidly.the result is a rock that cooled so fast, crystals did not get a chance to(ko) form. Obsidian is a volcanic glass with a smooth and uniform structure.

Image result for rhyoliteRhyolite is a felsic forced
rock. Due(nāwai to(ko) the high silica content, rhyolite lava is very dangerous. It flows slowly, like toothpaste getting squeezed out of a tube, and tends to(ko) pile(whakapipi) up and form lava

Image result for basaltBasalt forms when lava reaches the Earth's surface at a volcano or mid ocean ridge. The lava is between 1100 to(ko) 1250° C when it gets to(ko) the surface. It cools quickly, within a few days or a couple weeks, forming solid rock. ... The "ropes" form when the surface cools, becoming solid rock while lava flows beneath it.Basalt
Is the most common rock and it is mostly found on the surface of the volcano and (kōrua)basalt is found on the moon.

What impact do volcanoes have in the world we live in?
A volcanic eruption can harm farming,destruction work and it will cause a lot of damage. But it can also help with heating. There are some volcanic rocks that are useful to us humans such as pumice. A volcano also changes the weather. When a volcano erupts the wind can spread the dust all around the earth.If the ash and mud from a volcanic eruption mix with rainwater or melting snow, fast moving mudflows are created. These flows are called lahars.I guess the main good effect that volcanoes have on the environment is to provide nutrients to the surrounding soil.

Acrostic Poem
Lava rocks can be like glass such as obsidian, also it drys out so fast that diamond does not have a chance to form.
Auckland has 53 volcanoes.
Volcanoes are usually located where tectonic plates meet.
A Volcano form when some of the very hot, liquid rock squeezes through  gaps between the plates of the earth.

Pungarehu:  The dry dusty remains from a fire.
Pokapu: The middle of something.
Tahepuia: Red hot molten rock that flows out of a volcano.
Volcanic moutere: A volcano that makes a island on the .sea.
Tokarewa/molten: molten means melted into a hot liquid.
Meto: means like it is dead.

My goals.
  1. Nouns - Proper, common, collective abstract
Subject words
2) I attempt to write words I don’t know by using my sound/letter
knowledge, vowel sounds and more complex spelling patterns).

3) I write simple and compound sentences using varied conjunctions.

Thursday, 14 September 2017

calendar art

                   This is my calendar art

What is this art?
This art is a silhouette and blending art.

How I made it? Step one: I grabbed some paper,a pencil,a rubber and my device. Step two: I went on my device and looked up sports silhouette. I started looking for some that I liked. Step three: I started tracing around the silhouette's. The first one I found was the kid on the scooter. The last one I found was the the football player about to throw the ball. I got a good piece of paper and made six slots for my  silhouette's to go in. and then glued them on.

Which learning muscles you used?
I used perseverance muscle because I needed to persevere when the art got hard.
I also used ignoring muscle when my friends started to talk to me.   

Tuesday, 11 April 2017

Visual Art #2

Visual Art #2

Insert Art here

What I enjoyed was panting because I liked to blend the colors.  
What was tricky for me was getting the right amount of paint.  
What I would do differently or better next time is plan it better then maybe it would turn out how I pictured  it in my head.       
The learning muscles I used were perseverance muscle and imagining muscle.